Holding knowing space to grow power

Emotion and a big one anger, easy and strong to work from if connected consciously to a woman’s power. When a witch can stand strong in her power seeing clearly through her own emotion no matter how overwhelming it feels and still have control, clear in her sight to when she reacts and when she chooses not to…yet. This is not pushing down how she feels, it’s a choice that comes from her clear sight. That’s when you know you’re living from the understanding that everything has a timing and it’s in sync with your power.

To not push forward if it isn’t the right time to act, and in the meantime grow her power while she consciously pulls up power from the emotion she is growing in the quiet while she navigates through it, choosing to hold space for it until the right time to act. Even the act will grow power. Why being hasty and emotional can and does have a place when needed.There’s a place for very everything loves we’re not living from a place of purposeful suppression because we’re worried about what other people think. When it’s authentic it’s an expression of power that you’re choosing not to oppress anymore. That will attract ridicule, but who gives a fuck because you know what it’s like to live the other side, and fuck that trap.

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‘Self acceptance’

Let’s talk self acceptance for a little bit cause if you’re wanting tip the edge and walk into this deeper and darker place, this is work that needs doing and ongoing presence, and definitely not living a surface level place of convincing yourself that you do. That’s not love, that’s bypassing what needs to be loved.

Self acceptance, I know the term has been thrown around like a fucking  well used vibrator, and it’s much more than saying ‘I acceptance myself’ cause you really don’t know what that means until you unthread the conforming oppressive bullshit women are expected to be, and I want to add there’s different levels of oppression a woman carries for so many factors- race, sexuality, gender identity, disability to name but a few not just being woman. So what I’m trying to point out there’s layers, not this fuck around bullshit you see in most spiritual groups that you ‘love yourself’ and live all the fluffy love and light which not only is it a narrow view of life and a tonne of white privilege, but they’re also placing people in boxes assuming that it’s ‘like this’ which is an expectation coming from their lack of a deepening experience of what life is about but also what real love is, and there’s fuck all freedom in that.

This bullshit expectation does more harm than good, because while a woman is healing herself and she’s trying to again fit herself in a box she knows she’s trying break out. It’s smeared with a different language and feeds an unhealthy belief that this is the way I have to love myself and if not, I must be doing it wrong.
No cunt can tell you how to love yourself because every person, wounding, trauma and oppression a woman has lived, walks a different self navigation and healing process. It’s deep, because ancestral practice is deep as fuck.
Why a real healer or anyone doing transformative work  moves with the individual rhythm of each person.
There’s no one size fits all.

So saying all of that, self acceptance as we move into a deeper knowing space of who we really are, and not conforming to oppression which is riddled with anxiety and understandably so (I’ll talk about this another time), the presence that is required developed with consistent practice is needed to live this depth of earth practice, of ancestral work and liberation and of self love.
If you don’t know how to manage your traumas and you will experience triggers, which we fukn do anyway loves, you slip back into the people pleasing oppression which this wild track of a walk is not about.

My point, self acceptance isn’t just screaming to the world I accept myself, but realising the work and depth it means to really accept and love yourself because when we’re still skimming the surface of our own personal growth and evolution, in too many ways we’re conforming to societal and patriarchal expectations still, (the whole plastic niceness bullshit is one small example), and let me also add in cultural expectation. It’s not until we stand in the darkest place within ourselves, live and love ourselves there do we really know what real self acceptance is.

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